Huwebes, Oktubre 8, 2015


Actually,  this is my first time reviewing hyip investments and Ive been in this business for almost few months. I cannot consider my self as an expert with regards to this business and I am fully aware of the risk but I am ready to take the challenge.

Today I am going to review the so called CARBON7 it has been around since June 2015.
it offers 2 different types of investments first it has 7% daily for 30 days and 110% for weekly plan.
each plan accruals can only be credited every office days, meaning Mon to Friday.

I prefer 7% daily plan for 30 days coz  its more profitable compare to the other one. You can have your investment at the 15 days accruals and the remaining days will be your profit. so you can have  54% net income. Example: If you'd start with $10,000 deposit, you'll be credited $700 interest every  24 hours (on business days) for 30 calendar days. After 14 business days you'll pass break even point with over 100% back and upon expiry your balance will amount to a total of ~ $15,400. You can withdraw from balance or re-invest (Compound) at anytime to increase your average monthly profit.

So far this is the best investment that I've Encountered and it has positive reviews in hyip monitors especial in Davidnews.com which upgraded into Golden Category.

At this time writing October 8,2015 CARBON 7 is still paying and No problem, However
In every business theres always a risk so remember the "Golden Rule" DONT INVEST WHAT YOU CAN'T AFFORD TO LOSE..