Huwebes, Oktubre 8, 2015


First and foremost, I would like to clarify some questions regarding ADBROOK So what is adbrook? is it some of investment, like what I have mention on my previous list? the answer is YES and NO. 

Yes, It is considered as an Investment because you need to buy the so called ADPACK which cost you $10 dollar per share and after maturity it will give $15 so you will have now $5 dollar in profit. 

No, because the profit comes from the members that buys the adpack and it is being distributed to its members according to their current rate, that is why it is called REVSHARE or Revenue Sharing

Hyip Investment is offering interest based on packages, for example 7% per day or 110% per week while Adbrook depends on Adpack purchases. 

How much can you earn in ADbrook?
---- It depends on how much you spend...  so if you buy 10share you can have $5 dollar proft per day


ADBROOK  is a legitimate online Income that has a thousand members around the world.. so if you want a legit and safe investment